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Welcome to Caliber Interconnect Solutions

Caliber Interconnect is an ISO-9001 certified design-house serving to product-based technology business activities. We provide design services to semiconductor industries, Consumer-electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Communication and Military requirements in areas related to Embedded product development , IC packaging, High-speed PCB design, System-in-Package(SIP), Signal Integrity/Power Integrity Analysis and Thermal analysis. We work closely with the fabrication-house and assembly-house to produce quality PCB and packages meeting the design specification and delivering them within the schedule.

Caliber Interconnect employ skilled engineers to ensure best quality of work and also to maintain design and engineering expertise in all customer projects. Caliber is committed to provide best quality design & engineering infrastructure to relieve their customers from the burden of investment and also giving total reduction in product design cost. We strive hard to shorten design cycle with our expertise in EDA tool handling and through extensive script-based automation.

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Latest News

  • Caliber delivers the Battery operated 84KHz BFSK Communication System for a UK based customer

    The 84KHz BFSK Communication System is based on Atmel's high-performance RISC-based microcontroller and employs HDLC protocol on top of the 84KHz RF channel. The 84KHz Communication System operates in half duplex with BFSK modulation.
  • Caliber tests the Three phase Solar Inverter Systems

    The heart of the Inverter solution is the combination of NXP's 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S based micro-controller, Analog Device's BlackFin DSP and Lattice CPLD. The Controller-DSP-CPLD combination along with the efficient Battery charging algorithm generates the highly protected Green Energy for Industries
  • Caliber partners with Indo-American Chamber of Commerce(IACC)

  • Caliber becomes member of National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM)

  • Caliber purchased licences from ANSYS and Cadence Sigrity 3D simulation tools to offer superior solution to SI & PI requirments of PCB and Package for our customers.

  • Caliber licensed additionally for Allegro Package Designer (APD) tools to address the quick turn requirement of our substrate and package customers.

  • Power Integrity Analysis and Optimization in the Substrate Design at CDN live Bangalore.

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